Kiitos MadCraft!

Hey guys! Hope you all had a great Christmas. 🙂 I wish I could’ve written this in a letter, but I decided to do this too late. Anyway, I have a lot to say that I’ve been meaning to get out over the year, but just haven’t. 😛 First, congrats on making it into UMK! Aside from being how I found out about you guys (the most important reason 😛 ), it’s such a huge process and you make the final eight! That was such a huge thing, to be on stage not just for Finland, but for all the crazy ESC fans from around the world like me ;P Everything about UMK14 was instantly made a lot cooler once I had a team to join, especially one that was so unique for the sphere of ESC. Unlike virtually every other artist or band I’ve come across through some part of ESC, I’m enough of a fan to move you from the “ESC finds” pile into the “Favorite bands” pile.

Anyway, I don’t think I can thank you enough for, if anything else, just being present, although it’s ended up being so much more than that. You’ve heard my story of coming out of my shell in 2014, and I guess what I didn’t talk about so much was that this was also the first time where I ever felt like I could share things I liked easily with others. And music is such an amazingly perfect way to do that, so I ended up being really thankful for the musicians I liked, which totally included you. 😉 In fact, I’d say that even when I was offline and missing my friends, listening to you guys would connect me back to them and yourselves, in a way. I mean, I don’t know any of you enough to call you true friends, but maybe someday? 🙂 But I guess this is my very long-winded way of saying thank you for everything, whether that’s entertaining my sometimes idiotic tweets or releasing a new song or playing a concert. Even though I’m a huge ESC fan, I’m more excited about going to Finland in May after ESC because it means I’ll get to see you guys perform live, and I honestly can’t wait. 😀 Until then, I hope 2015 will be just as amazing as 2014 surely was for you. Love from the US.

– Nick


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