AsianAmerican Song Festival (ASAM)

Fast Facts:

Click here for contest site.

Editions Played: 9

Best Finish: 1st in Final (ASAM 27)

Worst Finish: 16th in Semi-Final (ASAM 29)



Song: “Colors” by Laleh

Country: Iran

Result: 2nd/15 in Semi 1 (105 pts.), 1st/25 in Final (138 pts.)



Song: “Aroosak” – Justina

Country: Iran

Result: 22nd/25 in Final (63 pts.)



Song: “Ghodrat daste khanoomas” – Barobax

Country: Iran

Result: 16th/20 in Semi 2 (30 pts.)



Song: “Dollhouse” – Melanie Martinez

Country: Dominican Republic

Result: 11th/20 in Semi 1 (69 pts.), 8th/25 in Final (92 pts.)



Song: “Carousel” – Alih Jey

Country: Dominican Republic

Result: 9th/18 in Semi 2 (71 pts.), 16th/25 in Final (66 pts.)



Song: “Five Seconds” – Twin Shadow

Country: Dominican Republic

Result: 14th/17 in Semi 1 (55 pts.)



Song: “Can’t Find the Words” – Karina

Country: Dominican Republic

Result: 5th/18 in Semi 2 (76 pts.), 22nd/25 in Final (40 pts.)


ASAM 34 (Special Edition: Songs from Your Home Country)

Song: “Take Me Home” – Cash Cash ft. Bebe Rexha

Country: Dominican Republic (United States)

Result: 4th/16 in Semi 2 (87 pts.), 8th/25 in Final (79 pts.)



Song: “Une vie” – Ycare

Country: Andorra

Result: 15th/16 in Semi 1 (32 pts.)



Song: “Jerricane” – Pendentif

Country: Andorra

Result: TBD


What are your words?

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