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Three Pages Left: The Story of 2014

Time has passed in funny ways this year. Writing most of this on the 25th, last Thursday feels like a month ago, the beginning of December three months ago, and the rest of the year a blur that can only

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Texas Calling! Daedal’s Eurovision 2014 Top 37

When writing anything, it’s generally advised to not start off with anything that will disclose time. And in giving you that completely useless fact, I can now say that on 22 April, I sat down to listen to the 37

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A Rambling Dream

Okay, so I found this song yesterday and probably listened to/watched the video about 15 times. Super catchy, right? After that, and a lot of national final catching up, I go to bed. Here’s where it gets odd. Normally I dream

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Running Order Rant

NOTE: I originally posted this on but with the announcement of the allocation of Sweden and Norway, I thought that it would be appropriate to repost this. Original Post Date: 6 January 2013 Title: Running Order Statistics and Research

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The Soundtrack of My Life (like eff it is!)

It’s 1:30 in the morning and I’m enjoying my iTunes library too much to go back to ESC 1997, so why not do this little distraction? I found it browsing Annika’s blog here. Here are the rules. 1. Open your

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New Digs and a Glimpse at the Past

So, welcome to the new blog! Well, it’s still the same. The only difference is that this is WordPress instead of Xanga. Anyway, here’s my first post that actually might be published in a book! More info on that later.

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