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Radiant: A Love Letter to 2014

Some things never change. Like the fact that I’m putting off writing a research paper to write this. 😛 Anyway, a LOT of things have changed around that, such as the fact that I’m living in a new state, meeting

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Lyrical Analysis: Finland

It shouldn’t be a surprise that my favorite of 2014 is Finland. And in saying that, I try to defend the song as often as possible. Most of the criticism heaped at “Something Better” concerns its lyrics. So, in my

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Number 13: ESC 1960

Going further back than ever before, we stumble upon a never-mentioned part of my history as a Eurovision fan. We’ll get into that in a moment but it’s time to introduce the second French win in the fifth contest ever.

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I’m Alive!

Happy Holidays, New Year, and any other important event! I’m so so sorry that 1960 hasn’t gone up yet. That’s due to an overload of happiness toward the UMK line-up and participating in various fan contests. I’m actually in two

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Number 8: ESC 1997

In the first consecutive pair of years, we’re in Ireland again for its most recent contest. The winner is, by many measures, the most decisive ever but let’s find out about the not so fortunate of the 25 songs. Venue:

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Poll: Which National Finalist Deserves Their Own Background?

Hi everyone! I’m so glad that people like the backgrounds, and, inspired by a request, I’ve decided to open a poll for one more background, for national finalists. The poll will be open for a week or two and at

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Eurovision 2013 Wallpapers

Eurovision 2013 Wallpapers Hey guys! In preview for my review of ESC 2013, here are wallpapers of some of my favorite entries and the winner, Denmark! Enjoy. Peace. -Nick

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Eurovision and Risk: A Brief Analysis

Hi! I know I’ve been MIA for a while, but I have good reason for that. Anyway, in the span of time between now and my ESC 2013 review, here’s a little bit of analysis about winners and risk-taking, inspired

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…And Breathe: My Life of the Past Two Weeks

What a crazy time it’s been for me. Ever since my last update, I’ve had a huge upheaval in almost every facet of my life. And it’s all been changed again tonight. So, let’s talk about me. On 23 April,

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