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Number 12: ESC 1977

It’s Sunday night, my legs are up, and my overly-sweet drink is prepared LOL, do you people really think I do these all in one night? In my dreams. Anyway, let’s dig into another edition of Eurovision. An incredibly formal

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Number 11: ESC 1991

Back from our detour, let’s get right into the next contest, 1991. The second and last tie in contest history was a close as could be (obviously) and two rounds of countback were used to determine the winner. But we can’t be captured by

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Le (Petit) Aire d’Autoroute 2 et Une Surprise

Et bonjour to the next mile/kilometer marker! No time for a long intro so let’s get to it! Just when I ditch the pelican seagull avatar for an autumn Pantone wreath, Monaco shoots to the top of my leaderboard. I’m slightly annoyed

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Number 10: ESC 1964

Another year, another set of songs. But unlike its predecessor, 1964 has one very unique trait, shared by only one other contest. The winner really kicked the competition out of the running but let’s listen to the rest of the

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Number 9: ESC 2001

As Demark gears up to host the 2014 contest, it’s ironic that we’re looking at their last effort so soon. But no matter the glitz and glam that might’ve surrounded the production, it’s still all about the songs. The winner

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Number 7: ESC 1971

Even though no one could’ve known at the time, 1971 was the inaugural contest for the second most prolific Eurovision host, Ireland.  Despite their future fame, miniature Monaco claimed the victory this year, the only time they’d ever do so.

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Number 6.5: ESC 2010 Semis

Now that the 2010 final is complete, we can move back and take a look at the 14 songs that didn’t make the cut to Saturday night. There’s something for everyone in this lot and I’m sure that there are

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Number 6: ESC 2010

Out of all the contests, 2010 is the most recent one I didn’t follow as a fan. However, it was the source of my first Eurovision “moment” and therefore holds a very special place in my heart. With my sentiments

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Miejsce Obsługi Podróżnych 1

How’s that for a tongue twister? Regardless of how you (attempted to) pronounced it, this is the first intermezzo-style post that will fill you in to some of the long-running statistics, like top songs, best places, and (somewhat obviously) country

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Number 5: ESC 1961

Following our run through the near-present, we’re going all the way back to the sixth Eurovision. Still, that didn’t inhibit the French from hosting at Cannes for the second time (not that anyone minded). Luxembourg’s winner was their first and

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