A Pause for Applause

This post will have nothing to do with Lady Gaga, so don’t run off just yet. I’d just like to take a quick moment to thank everyone for coming to this site. Today’s post broke the record for blog activity and up to that point, my day was pretty bad. So thanks for the little pick-me-up!

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 21.30.24

This is so exciting! :)

This is so exciting! πŸ™‚

Just to not waste this post, I’ll update you on my Eurovision fan contest experience. I was playing as the Faroe Islands in the Your Eurovision contest on YouTube.

And I didn’t make it! Some of the players have Facebook pages for their countries and have posted their votes there. So far, I’m at nul and my bet is I’ll stay there. I never figured I’d set the scoreboard ablaze with a little acoustic ballad butΒ damn. I will say that in the recap video, the guy probably picked the worst part of the song. Couple that with the fact that I came right after Sirusho’s “PreGomesh” and I was dead in water. Oh, and since this was only my second time playing, I’m ineligible to participate in the December edition.

However, the Swedish player has his own contest and he invited me. So I joined. As Poland. And probably doomed myself again.

Since this is just a total catchall post at this point, why not talk about Junior Eurovision? (Bye everyone!) I think sometime far in the future, I’ll give the kids’ contest that same treatment I’m giving to the big show, but that’s a long way’s away. As the earliest teaser trailer ever, here’s a really good song from Sweden in 2009. JazΒ recently named it as her favorite song from JESC ever and I might end up agreeing. Just for fun, here’s Mimmi SandΓ©n’s “Du.”

Fun Fact: Sweden has sent two songs to Eurovision with the title “You” and I’ve loved them both.

Finally, two non-Eurovision related things. Okay, not really. First, I know probably no one cares besides me, but what do you think about the new look of the site? For autumn and winter, I thought it would be better to ditch the warm colors for something cooler and I love glass, so this just seemed perfect. Secondly, I made this background for my absolvte favorite band, CHVRCHES.

omg its a background

It originally came from the fake design I made for ESC 2014 (x <- view there) but the imagery was sort of like their’s, so I just continued and this happened. Do you like it? I’m collecting pieces for my art school portfolio and I think this could make the cut. Anyway, I’ve rambled long enough, so until ESC 1977 is done, have a lovely day. Or week. Or month, if the situation may be.



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39 comments on “A Pause for Applause
  1. Patrick P. says:

    I’m still waiting for you to join ASAM. Join the oddity that is this contest. πŸ˜›

  2. Patrick P. says:

    …Ugh. This ASAM edition is really dance-y. I think that you’re easily in the stronger semi-final (as in I’d rather have almost the entirety of your semi-final in the final than my semi), but I gotten lucky, and I have some players that have almost always voted for me in my semi. and with the holiday withdrawals, the chances of being left behind are very low… Still, the mix of a bad draw (I could’ve broken up the giant stream of uptempo pop in my semi) and the preference for dance in this edition could really hurt me.

    And the fact that your song is ridiculously stronger than mine can hurt you.

    Oh dear…

    • Nick P. says:

      It seems like there’s not only a lot of dance, but a lot of substandard dance, at least in my semi. I’ll make it a point to check out your semi soon. Checking through the history of the contest, I saw that Laleh’s “Some Die Young” finished 2nd for another edition, so I’m hopeful that she’ll be well received now. πŸ™‚

      You would think the draw doesn’t matter but it does! In YE for November, my little ballad closed the entire semi-final, right after Armenia and “PreGomesh” (Ughhhh). I finished 20th with 18 points, third lowest in the entire contest. And the quality there seems to be falling fast, so I’m not sure if I’ll go back for January, when I’m eligible again. There, I was in the stronger semi but it made it harder for me to advance!

      I rated your song an 8, which is exactly what I rated mine, so we’re on pretty even footing. And if anyone with taste votes, you’ll be a shoo-in for some points. However, I did give a 10 to someone in my semi. πŸ˜‰

      • Patrick P. says:

        Based on the snippets in the recap (admittedly all I’ve listened to so far for most songs), there are five or six songs I like a lot in your semi (I’ve never really ranked the songs in ASAM except comparatively within their edition, although New Zealand’s first win might be my favorite winner). From my semi, there’s only one or two besides my own song that caught even the slightest bit of my attention in the recap.

        Now, I should be fine. I have quite a few of my reliable points in my semi (Malaysia, Greenland, and China [winner of previous edition has to vote in both semis], as the three that upset me when I don’t receive points from them), so in reality, I shouldn’t have a problem advancing at all, unless I’m betrayed by all my “allies”. (I make it sound like there’s some sort of alliance, but it’s more of a taste circle.)

        Anyway, I’m pretty confident you’ll be in the finals, and I have no legitimate reason to doubt that I’ll make the finals (only have missed once, and it was right when the semis were introduced with a Cafe Tacvba song, which is admittedly not everybody’s cup of tea). I’m not actually the biggest fan of my song in this edition, but I like it enough that I’ve had it as a backup for when I can’t find a song for a while. I’m glad to hear that you like it, which means that it suits its purpose as backup perfectly!

        Anyway, it’s a weak edition for you to be joining in, but just maybe, that’ll be the best for your results. xD

        • Nick P. says:

          For some songs, I mark them off my “serious” list; their recaps tell me all I need to know. Four songs got nixed.

          I hope I didn’t make it sound like I actually listened to all the songs! I just read about it. πŸ™‚

          Man, I hope I make some “taste circles.” The only ones in YE were for schlag-tastic NF rejects and terribly non-substantive dance-pop. Surprisingly, though, I like all the winners and only two have been either. The rest were rock, R&B, and pop, all things I tend to like.

          (Missing the point entirely) You sent a song that (seems to) uses a “v” instead of a “u?!” Stellar! And I’m glad I have a chance. But seriously, we’re both probably qualified with 15-song semis and songs that are the quality of the Thai song, which is a total masterpiece, in every way imaginable.

          Oh let’s hope so. Good luck to you! πŸ™‚

          • Patrick P. says:

            I’m too nice. I feel obligated to suffer through the songs I know I’m going to hate, just like when watching the real Eurovision.

            Nah. I understood that you read it, although I would check out New Zealand’s first winner, if I were you. It’s worth a listen.

            Well, like they say with the real Eurovision (again), the winners are supposed to be the ones that are able to transcend the boundaries of taste enough to get votes from every community. With that in mind, it seems that you’re like of the winners is proof enough of that result.

            I sent a band that uses a “v” instead of a “u” in their name. One of the most popular Mexican bands, but I didn’t make the finals (I knew I wasn’t when I saw the semi-final allocation. I had nobody that time). Oh, poor Matze (the Thai delegation), he tries, and it seems like I only ever like his songs when he’s in the other semi. He’s had a bit of a dry run in the past few months, with both songs I dislike and that don’t qualify.

            Good luck to you as well. May the best song win.

  3. Patrick P. says:

    Would you look at that?

  4. Patrick P. says:

    It’s funny how what was previously successful actually changes the songs in online contests too. We had slower songs do well last edition, and semi-final 1 is full of uninteresting ballads…

    • Nick P. says:

      I know. It’s soooo boring. I was definitely more partial to the more mid-tempo stuff and simply intriguing stuff.

      • Patrick P. says:

        Hopefully that includes my song. πŸ˜›

        • Nick P. says:

          Believe me, it does. πŸ˜‰

          • Patrick P. says:

            And I made the final! I find it hilarious that I’m going right after Demi Levato (in ASAM 04, Demi Levato was runner-up to Belinda).

            • Patrick P. says:

              By the by, any prediction on the winner. I can usually pinpoint it or go down to two or three, but I really don’t know for this edition.

              • Nick P. says:

                Just FYI, you’re asking a person who predicted San Marino and Belgium to qualify in 2012 for predictions.

                Having said that, I’m not sure about anything. The last winner was about as mid-tempo as they come and had major and minor elements so there’s no telling in that respect. As far as slower stuff, there isn’t too much on offer but I have a sneaking suspicion about Israel or Brazil doing well. If people tend to go for the more uptempo numbers, then the United States, China, and Malaysia (ew) will do pretty well. I’ve essentially sent the same song twice so I’m giving myself absolutely no chance. πŸ˜›

            • Nick P. says:

              Yay! I would’ve been done with everything if you hadn’t. Most of those results were actually quite nice. In semi 1, 8 of my top 10 made it and in semi 2, the number was 6. That said, I lost a top 5 member in both (Japan in semi 1, Spain in 2) so it wasn’t all great and my least favorite entry qualified. But there’s a ton to be thankful for, like not having to qualify in the first place. πŸ˜‰

              What’s freakier is that Belinda won in edition four and is now fourth in the running order. Hopefully premonitions are afoot. πŸ˜›

              • Patrick P. says:

                I was surprised, I liked Spain too. I listened to it because it caught me in the recap of semi 2 (and I’m not usually a huge fan of the Spanish delegation, so that’s saying something). Japan is alright, but I’m not going to miss it as much as it seems you will.

                I don’t like this Demi Levato song as much as her ASAM 04 song, so I don’t know what to think about it’s chances. It’ll probably still do well. She’s the exact type of artist Eurovision fans fall for. As for the slow songs you mentioned, I would like to see Brazil do well. It was in my top 5 of semi-final 1 (of course, my song was the best of semi 1 lol).

                But, y’know, it’s been almost two years since Mexico last one. I think it’s about time for ASAM to come back to us. πŸ˜‰

              • Nick P. says:

                Spain’s failure doesn’t surprise me. A rock song in Basque was never going to win over crowds, even though it was really good.

                Honestly, I’m not a huge Demi fan, though I will agree that I find “Skyscraper” a little better than “Neon Lights.” But you’re so right in saying that she’s the perfect ESC artist. She’s almost like Grete Paia (don’t know why she came to me, she just did).

                I gave Brazil points but nothing huge. And obviously you had the best song in semi 1. It’s the only song from the entire contest that I’ve downloaded… aside from the ones I already had… and my own, which is obviously the best of the contest. πŸ˜›

                True, true, but it’s been two years since Iran’s failed dΓ©but in, quelle surprise, ASAM 04. Wouldn’t it be best to mark that turnaround with two wins, Mexico style? πŸ˜‰

  5. Patrick P. says:

    Help me pick, Nick:

    1. Cute sing-a-long girly pop
    2. Dramatic male-led ballad

    Pick 1 or 2.

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