An Even Quicker String-Tying

So Your Eurovision finished yesterday. And I found out where I finished.

I finished 19th. It would be a lie to say that I wasn’t a touch disappointed, especially finishing below tat like Austria and Switzerland. But it’s a pretty good finish for a first-timer with such a song, so I’m thrilled with my 67 points and two douze points (thanks again Denmark and Ireland!). Here’s the full scoreboard.

Now I’m going to be playing again, just not as Malta. It wasn’t the easiest decision but Malta is probably the hardest country to play as. Small countries and territories like Åland Islands and San Marino can pull from Sweden and Italy, respectively but Malta is the smallest market that’s unsupported. That’s fine but for an outsider like me, finding high quality non-ESC related music (my biggest goal) is damn near impossible. So now I’m the Faroe Islands. And this is my song.

Wish me luck. 🙂



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4 comments on “An Even Quicker String-Tying
  1. Eulenspiegel says:

    I liked the Cheese from Switzerland. 🙂

    Your entry from the Faroe Islands had a very pleasant mood in it. It stands out among the typical middle-of-the-road radio pop this contest seems to be quite filled with. Good luck!

    • Nick P. says:

      All I can say about that is, to each their own. 🙂

      Thank you very much! Aside from revealing new music, I hope to also be an “alternative” voice in a contest where a lot can be stale.

  2. togravus says:

    You and Ira deserved much better! 😦

    • Nick P. says:

      Thank you. The sting is gone but the sentiment is very much appreciated. Let’s hope that Lena can equal her name-twin’s Eurovision finish! 🙂

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