A Quick Update (Also: Tying Up Some Loose Strings)

Since I can share pretty much anything on this blog, I’d like to tie together my ESC existence here with another branch of the web, YouTube.
The Eurovision community on YT is somewhat vast but there are two main camps; those who make top 39s (or whatever number is appropriate) and custom Eurovision designs and there are those that hold fake contests. Sure there are others who post covers and lyrics, but they’re not as integrated. Anyhow, I mostly fall into the first group but the division between the two is shrinking quickly. So far, for 2013 and 2014, I’ve made about seven themes and five of them have turned into videos. This one, the most recent, is my favorite and actually some of my best designing ever, in my opinion.

If anything, I’m sure the Amandine connection will be appreciated. πŸ˜‰
So remember that gap? Well, I’m bridging it. Just as a little bit of fun, I decided to try and enter Your Eurovision, which is probably the preeminent fan contest online. Somehow, I made it in and was able to play with Malta. I quickly chose this song to represent the country.

It works like the real contest, except that there’s no Big 5 and a random country is drawn to go straight to the final. Anyway, I was allocated to the, in my opinion, weaker second semi-final and drawn as the fifth song (not that any of this actually matters). To my shock, in the presence of TONS of throwaway pop songs and big ballads, I made it to the final, only the second time “Malta” had done so. In the final, I got a great draw, 19th, and I’m waiting with bated breath to see how well I’ll do.

The hot favorite, in my opinion, is Spain but I think that the United States (lol), Belgium, or the Netherlands could take it. My favorites are Belgium, Finland, and the Netherlands so at least I have a chance of being happy at the outcome.

Even though I’m happy with the contest and it’s been tons of fun, it has the unfortunate problem of attracting either Eurovision rip-offs or bland pop music. Examples of both are Austria and New Zealand, who shouldn’t be anywhere near the final, in my opinion. Still, normally something decent wins, except when Nikki (of Ell &… fame) Β won a few editions back with the song “Universe” from DMGP 2012. Now THAT was annoying and unfortunate. But who knows? Maybe by this time next week, fake Eurovision will be on its way to “Valetta.” It’s always better to be optimistic. :D.



UPDATE: The results have been tallied and here’s where I finished.Β http://wp.me/p3gxtS-44

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14 comments on “A Quick Update (Also: Tying Up Some Loose Strings)
  1. Patrick P. says:

    I enjoy some online contests too. If I were to recommend one for you to join (mostly to compete in the same contest as me), I would recommend the Asian American Song Festival, which is like Eurovision but for countries in the Americas and Asia. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s more open than a lot of the other contests I’ve seen to different genres.

    Congrats on making the final. You picked a good song for Malta.

    • Nick P. says:

      It seems like fun and the list of winners looks pretty diverse. Also, it seems like a great way to explore different music scenes, which will take some time but come eventually. In fact, I have a song in mind for a country that’s free for this edition. The only problem is that my online presence is separated into “Local/Friend Nick” and “Eurovision Fan Nick” and the requirement to join a Facebook group would unite the two and I’m just not ready for that yet (I don’t even like the Official Eurovision Page). I suppose I could make a separate account but I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle. It’ll take some thinking time, which I thankfully have.

      Thank you very much! I was sort of shocked because someone had entered an Ira Losco song before and it finished 16th in its semi so I had low expectations. Also it’s just a sort of odd song. There’s a lot going on and I wasn’t sure how so many schlager-freaks would react to something like “Me Luv U Long Time.” Now I just have to beat an 8th place from the last edition and I’ll have the best ever finish for Malta. It probably won’t happen, but the thought is pleasing. πŸ™‚

      • togravus says:

        For the time being I only exist as Eurovision Fan Toggie online. And I don’t even have a FB account.

        I think about starting a travelling blog though, and this would change things, in particular if I want to make a living of it.

        • Nick P. says:

          It would be nice to only have one identity. There shall be a time in the future for that, I think.

          Professional bloggers are the luckiest people ever. Writing about whatever you want and having discussions with people for money. That’s a dream job for anyone. Freelance graphic design (what I’d like to do) is similar but has the added hassle of clients and payments.

      • Patrick P. says:

        I didn’t realize that joining the Facebook group had become a requirement for joining the contest. When I joined (edition one), the Facebook group had yet to be created, and I never saw an announcement from the owner saying that joining the group had become mandatory. In fact, I know that there are players that aren’t part of the group…

        I may just message the owner and see if that is now a requirement. I’m part of the group, but my Internet persona is one in the same where ever I am.

        By the way, I play as Mexico in the Asian American Song Festival.

        Good luck on the contest, and I hope to be able to convince you to play in ASAM. It’s pretty much the only contest I support.

        • Nick P. says:

          Well, this is the page where it said that it was a requirement. https://sites.google.com/site/asianamericansongfestival/join

          The google Excel sheet listed youas such and that’s where one of your random songs was from, so I kind of came to that conclusion. An official confirmation is always appreciated, though. πŸ™‚

          • Patrick P. says:

            Yes, I saw that because I was ready to use that page to prove you wrong, but I couldn’t. πŸ˜›

            Actually, I have all the songs from that edition. It’s pure coincidence that the song from my country was the one the playlist decided to play.

            That being said, this edition for ASAM is a special edition. We all selected the song for another player, so I forget who chose my song (I don’t hate my song, but I don’t love it) and I chose the song for Puerto Rico (which I love immensely).

  2. togravus says:

    Good luck, Nick! Your song is among the best in this contest. πŸ™‚

    Unfortunately, many songs in this line-up are just bad. In fact, they are as creative as instant soup. Spain, Denmark, New Zealand, Estonia, Ukraine and the USA are perfect examples of instant pop or ballad soup.

    I like the songs representing the UK, Germany, Belgium, Malta, Finland and Croatia best. Cyprus is good too but somewhat out of place in this line-up.
    Italy, Moldova, Turkey and San Marino should have made it to the final.

    • Nick P. says:

      Thank you so much!

      Appreciation for creativity amongst hardcore ESC fanatics is somewhat scarce, especially in these contests. In fact, the songs you mentioned, except for Estonia and Norway, are all deep in my hole. Estonia is saved because Grete Paia makes it feel special and Norway because, well, everyone needs a guilty pleasure here and there. πŸ˜‰ New Zealand and Ukraine are notable in the fact that they are both utter screamfests with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. In fact, I’m not even sure that “Viva” is an actual song.

      Aside from the UK, those are also songs I enjoy. Belgium actually received my 12 points and Finland my 10. Others that I really liked were Russia and Bermuda (better USA and UK, in my opinion.). Sweden actually really turned me off at first but it just stuck in my head like a virus until I gave in and liked it. Cyprus was the biggest surprise qualifier to me. Never thought it had a chance.

      My big misses from the semis are (you guessed it) Italy, San Marino, Canada, and Luxembourg.

      • Patrick P. says:

        Oh dear, I just listened to the recap, and this edition has pretty much every song contest cliche from the past three or four months in it.

        And every Norwegian player is sending “The Fox.” It’s already become one too…

  3. togravus says:

    And I forgot Switzerland … I absolutely hate (and I very rarely use this word …) the Swiss song in this contest. I have hated Maria and Margot Hellwig ever since I first saw them on TV sometime in the late 70s.

    • Nick P. says:

      Considering how you felt about “Sha-la-lie,” I had a gut feeling you would hate that one. And they’ve been around that long? What a way to waste a 40-year career. It has a big, fat, earned 0 in my Excel sheet (I have one for everything these days). It’s only rivalled by Armenia and Bosnia & Herzegovina in awfulness.

      • togravus says:

        Talking of “Sha-la-lie”, the song just beat fantastic “La mirada interior” in Prinz Blog’s voting for the best song that was left behind in the semi-finals 2004-2013. Sometimes, the ESC fan universe really scares the shit out of me. πŸ˜‰

        Maria and Margot Hellwig were active from 1963 until Maria’s death in 2010 and they were extremely popular among the less educated segments of Austrian, German and Swiss societies.

        • Nick P. says:

          It’s not so much scary as it is weird. I never thought it was such a fan favorite. The best non-qualifier I can think of is Slovakia 2009 or Montenegro 2013. I’d add Lithuania 2010 just because I’ve ranked it. Also, Slovenia 2005 is supposed to be held in high regard but I’ve never listened to it.

          It’s unfortunate that she died but her Wikipedia page said she was quite old. And no matter how hard I try, I can’t imagine an unrefined, uneducated Swiss.

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