Miejsce Obsługi Podróżnych 1

How’s that for a tongue twister? Regardless of how you (attempted to) pronounced it, this is the first intermezzo-style post that will fill you in to some of the long-running statistics, like top songs, best places, and (somewhat obviously) country averages. Basically, a “rest stop” along the golden road of Eurovision. Let’s start with that final measure.

Country Averages 1

That should explain the Polish title of this post. The honor for having the highest average is the use of that country’s dominant language as the headline. It’s just something I thought would be interesting and fun. Now, I’m not surprised that Poland’s on top, mainly because it’s only been in two contests and has placed in the top five both times. Conversely, the only country to be in all the contests so far and in the top 10 is France. Personally, I can’t wait to see what else this Eastern European juggernaut has to offer.

Let’s move onto the songs themselves.

Best Songs 1

So, if you remember the posts, you’ll see something different. Specifically, Norway 2003 has broken into the Hall of Fame. Well, this will sometimes happen. After listening to these songs for the first time, some of them become part of my life and, like most things in life, my outlook on them can change. In this case, I liked “I’m Not Afraid to Move On” more after the contest, so I bumped its “Preference” score up to 19 from 17. I don’t think it’ll happen often, but this is one time that it will.

Finally, here’s the “medal table,” if you could call it that.

Medal Table 1

There’s nothing complicated about this, it’s just a summation of all the finishes in the past five contests. The most interesting thing here, in my opinion, is the appearance of Norway in all but one contest in all but two places.

I don’t think there’s anything else to say, so please, add your own thoughts in the comments! Please. Until 2010’s final.



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5 comments on “Miejsce Obsługi Podróżnych 1
  1. things will change for poland :/

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