2020: To Grow from the Concrete

what else is there to say about 2020? surely we’ve all read too many think pieces already over coffee that ran cold in the mug while slacking off from work that wasn’t ever meant to be done at home.

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Three Pages Left: The Story of 2014

Time has passed in funny ways this year. Writing most of this on the 25th, last Thursday feels like a month ago, the beginning of December three months ago, and the rest of the year a blur that can only

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An Apology

This post is an apologetic one. Yesterday, I posted a long status & a blog post talking about me coming out. Upon experiencing this reality and witnessing your outpouring of support, I’ve come to realize that I’d mislabeled myself greatly.

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The Last Battle of 2014

If you’ve been anywhere around me within the past year, you’ll know how much I harp on about how amazing 2014 was and all the good I’ve found within the last 355 boxes of the calendar. Most of that good

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Radiant: A Love Letter to 2014

Some things never change. Like the fact that I’m putting off writing a research paper to write this. 😛 Anyway, a LOT of things have changed around that, such as the fact that I’m living in a new state, meeting

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The Winner Is… (Second Chance)

Välkommen till andra chansen! This Melfest (or UMK or Belgium’s Eurosong, if you so prefer) inspired round is your opportunity to save tw0 of your favorites that didn’t make it straight to the final. Like always, you only have one

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The Winner Is… (Heats 7 and 8 Results)

Hello people! I can’t believe it’s already June and I know no one probably cares, but I’m still trying to do this. So hopefully you’re ready, because it’s time for the final sets of results for The Winner Is…! There

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The Winner Is… (Heats 7 and 8)

I’ve come to the annoying conclusion that finishing this quickly simply will not happen. So, we’re going to speed through the final two heats in order to get to a good stopping place before Eurovision. Now, no time for lengthy

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Texas Calling! Daedal’s Eurovision 2014 Top 37

When writing anything, it’s generally advised to not start off with anything that will disclose time. And in giving you that completely useless fact, I can now say that on 22 April, I sat down to listen to the 37

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The Winner Is… (Heat 6 Results)

It’s time for the results of the Heat 6 of The Winner Is…! There were 19 votes cast in the poll and there was an extremely close finish, as only three votes separated first and third place (It’s 2003 all over again)! So, did

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